27 Apr 2010

Practical stuff - term dates and future ideas

I can't believe we're already well into the summer term of classes! We're currently doing a very sassy version of Lady Marmalade - lots of bumps, grinds and bum swings. If life were fair, we would all have teeny tiny hips by now! Still, burlesque is the perfect place for the woman with curves as well as welcoming the slender gazelles amongst us. What other dance style suits such a range of female shapes?!

On a practical note, class dates for the rest of term are every Weds at 8.30pm until 26 May. Then the Hasland is closed for half term for a week so there's no class on 2 June. Classes will then run from 9 June to 14 July before we break for the summer. New ladies - you can join us at any time. Just email us at burlicious@gmail.com to check we'll have space the night you fancy joining us and to ask any questions you have about what to wear, how the class works etc.

We've plenty lined up to take us through to the summer break. We have acquired some perfect chairs which we'll be able to use to great effect in our next dance routine. After that, we're toying with the idea of a routine using canes, or maybe doing something very smoky and langorous with chairs. So many good pieces of music; so many ideas for dance routines; such a fab group of women coming along to dance with us....the possibilities are endless!

Here's to a glittering and gorgeous summer term.

Yours slinkily,

Burlicious xx




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