30 Apr 2015

In search of smokey sexiness

No sooner do we launch a new routine than we start thinking about the next. And we do like to vary the tempo and tone from number to number. Recently, we’ve crafted an intimate, upbeat version of “All About That Bass”; a sassy, slightly “end of the Pier show” bawdy version of “When You’re Good To Mama”; and a dreamy, sensuous version of “The Other Woman”.

Now we’re ready for a bit of honest smut. Which is where you come in, you gorgeous things.

One of our crowd pleasers is the glorious routine we created years ago to “Nasty Naughty Boy”, by Christina Aguilera. It’s a gift of a song – obvious lyrics; growly, bedtime vocals; and big, blowsy trumpets. Have a listen to it on iTunes or something similar (we use the version from her album “Back to Basics”) to see what we mean. In our gloved hands it’s an experienced woman’s invitation to a whole load of fun!

We would like another song like that, please. Any suggestions?

Do drop us a line on burlicious@gmail.com with any little ditty that you think would do the trick, or contact us via Facebook. Think of it as doing a small service to humanity – if you help us to find the perfect, slinky, sexy, smouldering soundtrack, you will be making a number of people very happy!

Yours, choreography slippers at the ready J,

Burlicious x

23 Apr 2015

Up close and personal

Last night the new term opened with a bang (if you'll pardon the expression) with the unveiling of our gorgeous new routine. This one is a jaunty little number designed for threesomes.

It's rare for us to be so close to and intimate with each other when we dance - apart from those occasions when we're performing in teeny, tiny venues. In this routine we are cheek by jowl with each other. Literally.

Indeed, as we demonstrated the routine to the troupe for the first time, there was some sort of gravity anomaly underfoot and I teetered dangerously, saving myself only by planting my top half rather more quickly than I had planned on the Sparkly Bra Pixie's rear end. And a delicious and comfy rear end it is too, I must say.

So, showgirls, here's our advice as we progress with this routine. Embrace the bigger gusset. Eschew any treacherous dangly bits on your outfit that might attach themselves to the woman dancing next to you. Ensure that your shoes won't part company with you when we get to the high kicks.

And be kind with that little arse slap - it's a pat of approval and delight that you're bestowing, not a royal hiding! :-)

Yours, loving your work, ladies, just loving your work,

Burlicious x

17 Apr 2015

Shimmy into summer

At last it's time to come back to class!

Throw off your practical outfits; slide into the kind of number that would get you arrested in the supermarket; and wiggle yourself over to our intimate little hall for a brand new term.

Class starts again on Wednesday 22nd April at our usual time of 8pm.

Even better, we'll be launching our brand new routine, so everyone who comes will be learning the routine from scratch.

It's absolutely the perfect time to try Burlicious for the first time, or to come back to our corsetted bosom if life has stolen you away for a while. And, our delicious showgirl regulars, we hope that it goes without saying that we're also looking forward to high-stepping it across that floor with you again.

Yours, waiting for Wednesday,

Burlicious x

13 Apr 2015

Fun, fizz, fondant fancies and a flutter of showgirl feathers

Back by popular demand is the little gem that is the Burlicious Summer Workshop. Sashay yourself over to see us for three hours of fun, feathers and frivolity - no previous showgirl experience needed.

So here's how these events go. We start with a gentle warm up. Then we go over some of the basic showgirl moves in detail. Those of you who come to our Wednesday classes but who have never had the chance to go back to basics, now's your chance. Absolute beginners - this is the ideal introduction for you! Then we teach you a gorgeous showgirl routine from scratch. Finally, it's off with the heels for a cool down and stretch out.

Oh, and there's somehow time for a glass of fizz or two.

And cake. There's always cake.

More details are on the right. If you fancy it, email us on burlicious@gmail.com to bag a place, or message us on Facebook, or book in with us when you next come to class.

We love our workshops - they're a hoot!

Yours, looking forward to another little cracker,

Burlicious x

2 Apr 2015

Something to follow

Another term of titivation and titters ends. A small, but perfectly formed, troupe of showgirls made a handsome job of the back end of Lady Marmalade last night (if you'll excuse the expression). We do love this working girls' ditty - it's all hips and sass.

Classes start again on 22nd April, my lovelies, with the unwrapping of our brand new routine. I learnt today that, when we were in the garden at Burlicious Towers last week, capturing this little number on video, my neighbour was hard at work in her office. Imagining that the noise, the music and the laughter were, in her words: "a bunch of teenage girls having a rave in the middle of the bloody day", she tiptoed up to her balcony to see what was going on. And there we were, scampering about in our mis-matched outfits on the decking and trying to stay out of the pond whilst high-kicking our socks off (very nearly literally). What elfin little glamour pusses we are, to be sure!

Lastly, do pop 27th June in your diary if you fancy an afternoon workshop with us. More details next week but it'll be a chance to go over our building block dance moves; learn a routine from scratch; have a laugh; and then re-balance the body carefully with a bit of fizz and cake.

Yours, full of treats to come,

Burlicious x




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