31 Jul 2013

Afternoon delight

A practical post today, showgirls (I know - we'll wash our mouth out later).

We're delighted that we have so many Burlicious virgins joining us for our workshop this Saturday. So, here's what you need to know:

  • if you don't have a boa of your own to flirt about with, don't worry - we'll provide you with one for the afternoon
  • the same goes for a pair of evening gloves - we have plenty of spares
  • wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and able to move. Whatever you decide to wear - corset and undies; a cheeky little number all your very own design; or your usual exercise kit - is absolutely fine by us. The key thing is that it allows you to bend down, lean over, and generally strut about
  • trainers won't allow you to strut your gorgeous stuff. You need shoes with a heel, even a very small heel is fine. And you want to be sure that your shoes will stay on your feet, so don't choose mules or something that you'll walk out of or accidentally kick off as you get into your stride!
And that's it! We'll be there from 1.45pm to welcome you. Bring some water. Bring your gorgeous self. Bring your secret inner showgirl and we'll show you how to have a lot of fun with her!

Yours, ordering cupcakes as we speak,

Burlicious x

25 Jul 2013

Sultry, steamy and messily sweaty

We had a Turkish bath of a class last night as we toiled for our art on a hot July evening. But, oh, the fun you can have by merely turning a routine back-to-front.

Having delighted the passengers on the top deck of the bus who could see a couple of us getting changed as the bus waited by the bus stop next to our window, we danced our routines to the stage; to the dartboard; to the bus stop; and, finally, to each other.

Watching opposing lines of showgirls strut triumphantly towards each other in perfect time is an absolute treat. Watching some of them then utterly lose the plot because they are facing a different direction for the first time as they turn around is just as delicious.

We have always said this: we love it when it goes well. We love it just as much when it goes wrong. As long as our beautiful troupe is having a laugh and enjoying what they're doing, we're chuffed. Thanks for a great end of term, ladies - see you soon!

Yours, back down the choreography pit to mine a new little gem ready for next term,

Burlicious x

18 Jul 2013

Rule 1: Never outnumber your audience

This rule has to be up there with "If you're a guest, you must never eat the last biscuit on the plate," Actually, I never understood that one, I must say. Knowing that someone has to eat it, I couldn't see why it shouldn't be me.

Anyway, I digress.

Our guest appearance at the Zumbathon on a sweltering Saturday afternoon was... interesting. Our troupe numbered nine. The audience numbered fourteen punters, plus assorted lovely organisers, zumba instructors and bar staff. We came very, very close to that perilous situation where there were more of us than there were of them. It transpires that the possibility of zumba-ing for hours for charity couldn't compete on the day with the siren call of sunshine on the beach on the hottest day of the year.

On the upside, we had one entire of the floor of the club to ourselves as a dressing room - this was way more glamorous than our normal crowded ladies'/gents' loo. Also, dancing our routines to music coming from a proper "lift you off your feet" sound system was brilliant, as was the gorgeous nightclub lighting. So, we went away sweaty and happy, even if there were very few people there with whom we could share our delight.

Next time, we'll bus them in from old peoples' homes!

Yours, thinking we need a nightclub of our own,

Burlicious x

12 Jul 2013

We love it when a plan comes together

On Wednesday we had our final run through before our public appearance this Saturday.

It always reduces us to grinning idiots when we stand back and watch the troupe dance without us a routine that we have nurtured from its first quickie and grind. Last night was no exception.

Showgirls, you're looking good - synchronised shimmies; gorgeous glove peels; fabulous floor work; and some leaning-over bum wiggles that are set to delight the crowd.

So, on Saturday, SMILE and enjoy it!

Yours, pleased as punch,

Burlicious x

6 Jul 2013

Roll up, roll up...

Off last week for a quick recce of the night club in which we and our showgirls will be strutting our stuff at a Zumbathon next Saturday. Yes, we will be the half-time entertainment for a hot and happy horde of zumba babes who will be shaking their groove thangs for charity all afternoon.

We think we're in for a treat. The club has top notch sound (tested and approved by us); flashing disco lights; and a floor with no discernable holes in it - luxury!

All this and the opportunity to come staggering out afterwards from the velvet gloom of the club into the bright light of an afternoon, blinking like little moles in our corsets and heels.

Canterbury, we hope you're ready!

Yours,  readying the troupe for action,

Burlicious x




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