30 Mar 2017

Protecting one's modesty

It's a snazzy move - a turn on the spot to face the front, right hand loosely over the fanny, left hand behind the back, followed by a series of head turns, showgirl to showgirl.

Having run through this for the first time with the troupe last night, we turned around to check how things were going and saw about half of them still standing there, frozen in position, hand clutching fanny, waiting for the next instruction.

It was like watching a little row of cats washing. Do you know what we mean? Wash, wash, wash, wash, then the cat forgets what it's doing and sits there vacant, tongue still out and leg up in the air, in perfect suspended animation. Last night's freeze frame was somewhere between that and a full-on, Michael-Jackson-grabs-his-groin-and-refuses-to-release-it moment.

We've talked about keeping yer hand on yer ha'penny before. Last night was a grimly determined version of that idea, with a line of showgirl hands firmly poised and ready to repel all boarders.

Laugh? We nearly popped our poppers and burst our corset ribbons. Honestly, the dancing is a workout. The laughter, though, that's the full muscle thrashing for face and belly.
Yours, loving you for being hilarious and brilliant as always, showgirls,

Burlicious x

17 Mar 2017

Ooooh, that tickles!

We love, love, love our new routine. It's big-headed of us, we know, but it's hard to get across the sheer joy to be had in seeing moves that you have literally sweated over in the design phase given flesh by our fabulous showgirls.

One move has a showgirl, back to the audience, legs astride, bending over at the waist while the two showgirls who flank her take their hand down then up the back of her legs.

Cue feminine tittering behind us at the first test drive of this little bit of routine. Turning round, we discover one of our showgirls, all pink and giggly, squirming and laughing at how ticklish it was when her partners in sequins did this to her.

Now, we sometimes partner up showgirls by height. For performance, we have sometimes arranged them on stage by height and colouring.

We have never had to take into consideration before how ticklish they may be.

Is this what the proper choreographers do?

Yours, delighted to produce a giggle,

Burlicious x

9 Mar 2017

A pinny for your thoughts

We launched our new routine to stunned silence last night (we're still working out what that means :-) ). It includes a new move where we turn slowly round, bringing the hands down from the back of the neck, through the cleavage, under the breasts, and then gently down the sides of the body. It's a gentle caress, drawing attention to some beautifully corseted assets.

Some of our fabulous showgirls found themselves so busy concentrating on the footwork that they forgot to keep moving the hands, meaning that, by the time they faced forwards again, they were cupping their breasts possessively as if getting ready to juggle them. It's a look, but one rather more suggestive of the male comedians in drag of yesteryear, propping up their imaginary tits on the garden fence whilst having a chat with a neighbour.

We're a breath away from a practical pinny, a hairnet, and carpet slippers at times.

Actually, we take that back. Slippers form an integral part of our choreography uniform ,and very endearing they look too.

If you missed last night, showgirls, don't despair. We have a number of known absentees so we'll repeat the beginning next week. Trust us, you'll love it.

Yours, channeling charlady burlesque,

Burlicious x

2 Mar 2017

Brassy beauty

It'll be a hot afternoon down the choreography mine at Burlicious Towers today. We Burlicious Three are putting the final touches to our new routine. The music is a glorious piece of sexy sax, definite drums and a temptation of trumpets.

And the routine?

All modesty aside, we think it's beautiful. Our Props Manager says that it's our loudest routine yet, but he's just referring to the amount of laughter issuing forth as we designed it. We think it's great - we've invented new moves, including some utterly delicious business with a boa and a glove.

So, showgirls, if you fancy coming to play with us, we'll be launching it next Wednesday, 8th March. We might even know the routine ourselves by then :-). As usual, we'll take the beginning nice and slow, So, if you can't make next week, don't panic - we'll make sure you catch up the week after.

Looking forward to seeing you for a brand new Burlicious adventure.

Yours, lining up for lusciousness,

Burlicious x




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