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We love doing public events. We’ve done birthday parties; charity fundraisers; and informal “friends and family” events where a range of local dance classes get together to show off what they have achieved that term. We’ve also done hen parties - we do a couple of turns and then teach a short dance routine to the bride-to-be and her party girls – it's all great fun!

So, if you think you might like us to come along to your event and do a couple of routines, email us at Burlicious@gmail.com and we can chat about whether what you have in mind is the kind of thing we do. You can see one of our routines HERE.

To avoid misunderstandings, let’s make a few things clear:

We’re not professional dancers. 
We’re not hookers. 
There’s no stripping. 

But we do take great pride in what we do and will work our socks off to do a fab job for you. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing about this post. This remembers me of our dance party organized after college exams. All of us did the preparations jointly at LA venues with best of food and drinks. Mexican and pasta treats were loved by all. Snacks and starters were nice as well. Beverages were both hot and cold. Also arranged few indoor games.





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