28 Mar 2014

Sshhh! Sexy, suggestive, slinky moves are brewing!

Apologies for the longish gap between chats recently, you lovely people. Not only have we had a run of performances to perfect, but our more pedestrian daily lives have also been clamouring for attention (needy little things!). On top of that, we are Choreography Central at the mo., locked in our steamy sweatshop crafting new moves for your future pleasure.

Ah, if you could only see the written instructions that we put together as we're developing a new routine. A rather regretful amount of "t*ts" and "a*se" seems to creep onto the page alongside some interesting hieroglyphics.

Then there are the video snippets that we make of potential moves - a veritable treasure trove of comedy moments. Honestly, you ain't seen nuffin' until you've seen us smouldering about, clutching a blue rubber washing-up glove in lieu of a feather fan and camping it up for all we're worth!

We'll be back to full (ahem) service soon, petals. Just bear with us - you can't hurry art! :-)

Yours, brains brimming with beautiful ideas,

Burlicious x

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