6 Aug 2020

You shall go to the ball.... but not yet

Apologies for the loooong silence, showgirls. The fluff has been slightly taken out of our feathers by the recognition that the current Government guidelines still pretty much prevent us from returning to class.

According to our back of a stiletto calculations, the amount of floor space that we need to be able to dedicate to each showgirl means that we would be limited to having just a few of you there in any one class if we Burlicious Three were also in attendance. So that doesn't really work. 

The guidelines are also very keen on ventilation. Now, we're not sure whether the confident (and entirely natural) gale that blows through our little hall would count :-), so that is also putting our fishnets in a bit of a tangle. 

We're watching and waiting, showgirls, watching and waiting. The bugger of the current situation is that we just don't think that we can safely resume classes as things are at the moment. So, cosset those corsets, soothe those stockings, and we will be back with you when we can.

Yours, considerably under-strutted,

Burlicious x




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