27 May 2012

Hot, hot, hot

If we say so ourselves, we had a triumphant close to our latest routine, Turn Back, O Man, in class last week. False modesty aside girls, let's be honest - we were all gorgeous!

We start a new routine this week. Instead of sitting in the sunshine sipping chilled wine this afternoon, the three of us will be slaving over a hot boa, getting ready to take our showgirls through their new paces.

And, as an extra treat, we'll also be practising for a hen night that we'll be doing soon. So, be warned, neighbours - your soundtrack for an afternoon in the garden is likely to be "one and two and three and four...." together with howls of laughter and the clipping of showgirl heels.

Gotta suffer for our art,

Burlicious x

14 May 2012

Bubbling under with ideas

Just because we've been quiet, doesn't mean we've been taking it easy! We've been plotting and planning for our next gorgeous routine...and for how to take the magic of Burlicious forward from here.

It must be said that you couldn't have a nicer research job than ours. It's demanding, I know, but we've been to yet another burlesque show. We've been to a tango extravaganza. We've listened tirelessly to potential music tracks. We've thought long and hard about new props. We've bought new clothes and increased the sequin count on old ones.

We really work at this stuff.

All we'll tell you now is that we're not going to be stripping to nipple tassels and then setting fire to them (seriously - we've seen this done). Nor are we going to be dragged along the floor tango-style in our nice corsets.

But we do have some fabulous ideas in production!

Shhh, Secret Squirrel!  Burlicious x




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