25 Oct 2012

In the darkroom

Shhh! Just a whisper of a post this week, gorgeous readers. We don't want to disturb our very own Davida Bailey as she toils over the magnificent shots she took last night of us in our Halloween finest.

As soon as we have them, little snippets of feminine fabulousness will appear here on the blog...anonymised, of course, so you're not all pursued down the street by rapturous fans. We'll also pop them up on a web album and invite all our showgirls to view them.

Now you can show the Significant Other in your life photographic evidence that, when you creep out of the house looking gorgeous in your undies, you're actually coming to play with us!

Yours, purring over pictures,

Burlicious x

19 Oct 2012

Stardom beckons!

A few practical things, showgirls, as we romp towards half term.

Weds 24 Oct - we'll start class with some Temptation - purely because it makes me want to clap my hands to see you dance it so beautifully. And as for our starfish finish....oh my! What a triumph!

Then we'll start Roxanne, so get ready to be dark, dangerous, delicious and just a little dirty.

After class we'll retire to the dressing room to glam up for our photo shoot. Bring accessories! Remember, ladies, this is purely optional so do feel free to skip off home if this doesn't appeal.

Weds 31 Oct - a nonentity of a day - no class.

Weds 7 Nov - gorgeousness returns. If you have been unlucky enough to miss a class or several, this will be a perfect date to return. We'll be dancing Roxanne and will take it back to the very beginning.

Yours, brisk and business-like in boas,

Burlicious x

5 Oct 2012

Taking our medicine

To regain feelings of gorgeousness, sexiness and overall scrumptiousness, Burlicious prescribes a weekly dose of  Diana Krall's luscious version of "Temptation", enhanced by the slinky, seductive dance routine that we designed to go with it.

Taking the temperature of some of our showgirls on Wednesday, we are happy to report that the treatment is working. Our patients report that they love the routine and that it makes them feel gloriously sexy and sultry when they dance it.

Keep taking the medicine, girls - you know it does you good!

Yours, clipboard and stethoscope at the ready,

Burlicious x 




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