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Twinkling at our Insurers!

Review of us in the Herne Bay Times - Mar 2013

That nice Mr John Nurden mentions our appearance at the End of the Pier Show in his second column in this clip. "Amazing" seems like a perfectly sensible description of our performance, doesn't it?!

 Interview on Radio Cabin - Feb 2013

Once you click the Play button, the interview will take a couple of seconds to load.

Obviously, we think the whole thing is fantastic, but if you fancy hearing just a couple of snippets, try:

1 min 10 - what Burlicious does for your confidence
1 min 40 - er, it's not about stripping, thank you
4 min 45 - dancing in public (it's always optional, showgirls)
5 min 30 - forgetting your least lovely bits and feeling utterly gorgeous
6 min 45 - why women come to class...
7 min 50 - and what our partners think
10 min 10 - how to get involved
13 min 10 - developing your own look
16 min 30 - our global dream

The Herne Bay Times said this:

Our appearance at a charity fundraiser in Birchington:

What our showgirls say:

Thank you so much for helping me to get back to being me after being "mum" for these last few years.

I feel twenty years younger!

I really look forward to this bit of "gorgeous time for me" time every week

It's lovely to stop being a mum for a bit and be the girl I used to be

My husband calls it Hot Wednesday and has a distinct disappointed pout on the weeks when we don't have a class!




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