19 May 2022

Change is definitely afoot

Our long-term regulars will know this already. We Burlicious Three have decided that it's time to change the way in which we deliver our classes. 

Don't worry - there is no plan to make our class crisp and professional (we'll save that kind of behaviour for our public performances). And there is definitely no plan to strip out the laughter, the double entendres, the missteps, the wardrobe misadventures, and the gentle waywardness of a typical Burlicious class.

No, what will change is the timing of the class itself. Instead of the weekly Wednesday evening injection of fun and sass that we have been running since 2009 (two-thousand-and-actual-flippin'-nine!), we will run less frequent workshops instead. We plan to start with a Sunday afternoon - hopefully 3rd or 10th July for the first one - and then to have a half day workshop every couple of months or so, depending on what you lovely lot want. 

We'll be sad not to see our Showgirls weekly. On the upside, though, workshop attendees are more likely to be able to learn a complete routine in one afternoon frolic, rather than missing a couple of Wednesday classes in each routine as the rest life gets in the way over the weeks. 

Our last Weds class will be next week.We will be back with workshop news soon when we know more.

Yours, gearing up for some happily daft afternoons,

Burlicious x

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