29 Nov 2012

Cheeky...in more ways than one

Back to All That Jazz last night for the first time since we performed it a year ago. It's a cheeky, sassy, sly wink of a number, and we love it to bits.

When our troupe turns around, I'm in the privileged position of seeing our showgirls from behind. At the risk of sounding as if I should be rustling in the bushes in a grubby mac, I must report that there are some seriously delectable rears swishing away under those boa tails.

What a rare treat it is to see woman-shaped women doing their thing!

Yours, embracing our curves,

Burlicious x

22 Nov 2012

Cabaret carnage

Remember that childhood game where you run round and round a stick until you're dizzy, and then try to run in a straight line, to the hilarity of all spectators? Well, sometimes we dance a bit like that!

Having learnt the latest routine, we did as we normally do, which is to turn the whole class around and dance facing a different direction. As well as the disorientation that this produces, we had the challenge of a freestyle section, and the extra complication of parts of the routine where some of the troupe is dancing whilst others pose.

Result? Be-feathered and be-sequinned chaos - showgirls heading off in different directions; showgirls frozen to the spot having gone completely blank; gloves and boas all over the shop; and giggles and laughs aplenty. In short, an absolute tonic on a wet and windy night with the burly road-mending chaps working just outside our door.

Thanks, girls - you were brilliant!

Yours, still smiling,

Burlicious x

15 Nov 2012

Fabulous freestyle

Some of our showgirls got their first taste of freestyle burlesque last night.

The old hands in the troupe have been here before and slipped easily into their "Pimps and Prostitutes" byplay. I'm delighted to report that our newer showgirls, after the first couple of startled, wide-eyed, Bambi faces, soon got the hang of it and made a delectable job of being working women selling their wares!

More challenging was the magical moment when the Burlicious team nearly became attached to each other at the hip while demonstrating a move. Sequinned leggings on the one married to fishnets on the other act as permanent sparkly velcro. I know we're close anyway, but we nearly had to dance together in a three-legged fashion for the rest of the night!

Yours, in sequinned bondage,

Burlicious x

8 Nov 2012

Stamping our pretty little feet

Ooh, bad, brooding, and full of dark, dark promise...yes, we're back at class and dancing (El Tango de) Roxanne. It's a long time since we've done this one, but the sheer drama of it always makes us smile.

And that's a knowing, unrepentant, "bad girl" smile from under long, long lashes, natch.

What a treat it is to step into another persona every week and to strut about imperiously in high heels and a low corset.

We could get a taste for this dramatic swishing about. Work colleagues; loved ones; supermarket staff, bus conductors...be warned!

Yours, tossing our head in disdain,

Burlicious x




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