22 Nov 2012

Cabaret carnage

Remember that childhood game where you run round and round a stick until you're dizzy, and then try to run in a straight line, to the hilarity of all spectators? Well, sometimes we dance a bit like that!

Having learnt the latest routine, we did as we normally do, which is to turn the whole class around and dance facing a different direction. As well as the disorientation that this produces, we had the challenge of a freestyle section, and the extra complication of parts of the routine where some of the troupe is dancing whilst others pose.

Result? Be-feathered and be-sequinned chaos - showgirls heading off in different directions; showgirls frozen to the spot having gone completely blank; gloves and boas all over the shop; and giggles and laughs aplenty. In short, an absolute tonic on a wet and windy night with the burly road-mending chaps working just outside our door.

Thanks, girls - you were brilliant!

Yours, still smiling,

Burlicious x

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