18 Apr 2022

Best in show

The routine that we are currently dancing is a flirty, flippy little number. It's the first one that we ever designed, so it has lots of repeated steps and is a breeze both to teach and to dance. The most challenging bits are a couple of sections where formations of three showgirls break apart, and each seperate showgirl then heads off to another part of the stage.

Showgirls can cover that ground in a slink, a sass, a bouncy little step, or another manner of their choosing...but each original group of three showgirls absolutely must meet up again in a set order and orientation when they get to the other part of the stage, or it all goes belly up very swiftly.

It's fair to say that there was a little more emphasis on "free range" than on "freestyle" last week. Dancing alongside me and watching our lovelies trotting about all over the hall, the Voluptuous Jules was enjoying herself muttering "come-bye, come-bye" as if our beauties were errant sheepdogs, needing direction. 

We might work on this. We already have appealingly waggy tails featuring in this routine, as well as some crawling on all fours and a "roll over". All we need is an invitiation to Crufts and we shall steal the show.

Yours, thinking that the whole collar and lead thing might be too much?

Burlicious x




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