12 Aug 2018

The end of the Pier show

We do love a chance to shake our groove thang on stage, and last night's sold out performance was a trademark Burlicious event.

First, the news on arrival that everything that could go wrong, had gone wrong, leaving our beautiful and talented Mistress of Ceremonies, Natalie Evans, tearing her hair out with acts pulling out, the music unplayable, and the supporting film of those fab people doing The Full Monty no longer working on the big screen.

Second - and we have been here before many times - the teeny changing room, which is actually the bijou Pier office, also being used by various stewards and technicians, and open to the lovely men who were getting ready at the same time to do their Full Monty. To make it a tad more surreal the Town Crier (male), in full regalia, is wandering in and out while two of us try to cut a label out of one showgirl's knickers... while she is wearing them.

Third, shortly before we go on, it starts raining. Heavily. There is no shelter for the audience. 

Fourth, because the music has confused itself, the nice chaps who are supposed to start the music on my cue... don't. It's a reasonably long wait on stage with two thirds of the showgirls already bent over, bum to the audience, before we can start dancing. 

Fifth - costume malfunction. Sole coming off shoe; earring flying off; sparkly bracelet holing stocking just as we go on.

And yet, and yet, it was magical, brilliant, fun, uplifting, and an absolute hoot - just as it always is. All this, and we were raising money for charity too. 

Showgirls, you did us and yourselves proud. Loved dancing with you, as always!

Yours, chuffed to bits,

Burlicious x

9 Aug 2018

Spicing up Saturday

Darlings, we dance on Saturday on the Pier, supporting some fabulous women and men from the local community who are doing the Full Monty for charity. By contrast we shall be positively demure :-). 

If you fancy an evening of good people doing good things for good causes, as well as lashings of glamour and glitz, come along. We shall fluff a feather or two in celebration.

Yours, hot to trot, 

Burlicious x




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