21 Dec 2013

The glamour, the lights... the bins, the industrial ducting...

We Burlicious three and seven sassy showgirls were the closing act for the Christmas Variety Show last night.

What a hoot!

It was a hallmark Burlicious experience - the route to our attic changing room took us out to the seafront on a brisk December evening, past the bins, in through the stage door, past the heating units and up into a b*gger's muddle of a storage room lined with ducting. Perched on trestle tables in the gloom, we whiled away the time checking each other for wayward clothing labels and wondering what the nice ladies in the big cat costume were going to be doing as the turn before us.

From this unlovely base we launched a fantastic performance, if we say so ourselves. Afterwards, three separate women told us they would not have the confidence to do what we had done; another wanted to sign up there and then; and one gent was keen to open negotiations to buy us.

Job done.

Half our troupe had never danced in public with us before. As one new showgirl said happily afterwards; "well, that's that virginity lost." Welcome to our gorgeous band of performers, new beauties - we're delighted to have you with us.

Thanking you all for a splendid evening,

Burlicious x


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