19 Mar 2020

Bowing out for now

A cracking class romped to a close last night with the Sparkly Bra Pixie taking up the self-appointed role of Buttock Lady. Demonstrating the usefulness of the fully-engaged buttock to power us back up off the floor in this particular routine, she struck a mistressful pose in her heeled boots and her clingy lycra.

Yeah. We know. We could sell shares in this experience :-). In fact, sometimes we have!

And that, Showgirls, is where we will have to leave Burlicious for the time being.

Yes, we are folding up our fishnets; boxing up our boas; stashing away our satins and sequins; and gathering up our gloves for the duration.

We're pretty glum about it, it must be said. We'll miss our weekly bit of mental floss and daft nonsense with you lot. We'll miss seeing you put beautiful flesh onto our dance designs. We'll miss watching you grow over time in confidence and skill at strutting your lovely stuff in a Burlicious style. A little bit of sparkle has just gone out of the week.

Ah well, we have a cunning plan to do a bit of choreography while classes are on ice. Hopefully, when class is able to reopen, we will have a little gem of a thing to share with you.

Take care, Showgirls. Look after you, your loved ones, and those around you. We'll let you know when we relaunch the weekly raunch.

Yours, temporarily as flat as a pancake,

Burlicious x




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