28 Apr 2016

Brain work

Two thirds of Burlicious have been swanning about on holiday recently leaving the class in the capable hands of the Sparkly Bra Pixie - hence the cyber silence from us over the last couple of weeks.

Reunited last night for our regular weekly injection of fun, fabulousness and frippery, we are delighted to report that normal service has quite clearly been going on in our absence. We cantered very close to the finish line of the routine that we're currently dancing, accompanied by the usual melange of missteps, muck ups, brain overload and laughter.

You know that old trick of trying to pat your head with one hand while stroking your belly in circles with the other? Pah. that's nothing. Try reversing away from the audience as you bob the knees and stroke one hand along the outstretched other arm towards you, then swap hand and arm, then swap again, reversing and bobbing all the while - hilarious and a guaranteed recipe for little stamps of frustration and a sprinkling of not very genteel language.

What this means, you showgirls-to-be and you regular lovelies who have had to miss class recently, is that your opportunity to join us as we start a new routine from scratch is nearly here. We'll finish our current little gem next week and then start teaching a routine from the very beginning on Weds 11th May. Join us, do. It's a great mental work out. :-)

Yours, delighted to be back with you all,

Burlicious x

7 Apr 2016

Cooking up a storm

  1. Take 4 dozen lively WI women
  2. Add three Burlicious showgirls
  3. Fold in three gorgeous Burlicious routines
  4. Bring to a simmer by demonstrating a bouncy little routine for the crowd to learn
  5. Add bite with a cracking Shirley Bassey sound track
  6. Sprinkle liberally with feathers
  7. Cook gently in a friendly hall for 90 minutes.
And, voila! Settle back and enjoy an evening of fun, dancing and daftness with the fabulous - and very "up for it" - women of Rough Common.

Ladies, you did yourselves proud. We loved seeing you strut and shimmy your stuff. And as for the brilliance of your pinging... we were overwhelmed :-)

Thank you for a great evening.

Yours, just loving that WI zest for life,

Burlicious x

PS: and here's what they say about it over in facebook-land!  https://www.facebook.com/roughcommonwi/posts/1375871205772259




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