29 Nov 2018

A spell in the making

We’re a few rehearsal hours away from our next performance, and the giddy alchemy of ingredients that is our lovely troupe, a “slow, Southern style” of a dance routine, and some delicious outfits, is starting to deliver results.

In their groups of three, our showgirls are starting to get the hang of three posteriors going in exactly the same direction at exactly the same time, so that the overall effect is more of a voluptuous and metronomic Newton’s Cradle (remember those executive desk toys?) and less of the “three pinballs running crazily around the machine in different directions at the same time”. Gloves are now smacking bums smartly. Teapot arms happen with precision and verve. There’s been a huge reduction in the number of times that a showgirl turns to face the wrong direction, looking astonished when she finds all her troupe colleagues facing her.

Soon, ah soon, we shall be at that heady stage when repetition, repetition, repetition means that our lovelies can dance the routine pretty much without thinking. And that, Showgirls, is when you really start to shine and start enjoying yourselves.  

You’re exactly where we expect you to be at this stage, Showgirls –
it’s already looking very good.

Yours, cracking the rehearsal whip,

Burlicious x

24 Nov 2018

Preparation, preparation, preparation

Apologies for the long silence from us, Dear Reader. We have been very busy Burlicious beauties in the background.

We're in full choreography mode at the mo. - hoping to have something brand new finished and ready for dancing in the New Year. We make no promises, tho', as we are also...

... in rehearsal for the troupe's appearance at a charity event on 19th December. Our test drive of the stage last week with the Mistress of Ceremonies, Natalie Evans, was a hoot. Absent showgirls, we marked out your places with chairs but they were nowhere near as gorgeous and slinky as you will be. And those of you who were able to be there, thank you! You did a grand job:-)

So now it's time to test outfits to avoid the usual catastrophes of "attach front of corset by accident to tights"; "attach own costume to costume of next showgirl", and the audience's favourite: "burst with no warning from corset altogether".

Frankly, we might be safer dancing in onesies, but we do accept that that's not quite the look we're after.

Yours, warming up to trot our Burlicious stuff,

Burlicious x




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