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Music we’re dancing to

Here are the tracks we’ve used over the last couple of years:

When You're Good To Mama - sassy, tongue in cheek, and all very "nod and a wink".

The Other Woman - our first fan dance. Fluttery, feminine fun.

Big Spender – a modern remake of this brilliant track. We use just the first 90 seconds or so as our beginner’s routine – great fun!

El Tango de Roxanne – oooh, now this one’s very dark and moody. We’ve incorporated a couple of showy tango stamps into this routine. Very dramatic and “hard harlot”.

Big Bad Handsome Man – a real “feel good” track which is very upbeat and cheerful. We’ve added a couple of bits of formation dancing to the routine (that’s the only way I can think of to describe this) which is guaranteed to have us howling with laughter as we try to get everyone forming and reforming lines to dance in time. Love it!

Love Potion No. 9 – a lovely instrumental version of this track. We use it for a slightly retro, demure, 1950s showgirl routine.

Lady Marmalade – sassy, fun and in your face track. The dance routine we’ve designed for this has a really nice boa routine as well as giving us a chance to strut about unashamedly.

Fever – just love, love, love the chair routine that we’ve designed into this one!

Nasty Naughty Boy – ah, now here we have an altogether sluttier, smuttier number. This track is just made for burlesque!

Turn Back O Man – cheeky, tongue-in-cheek, and an opportunity to introduce canes as a new prop. Some fabulous, blowsy drum rolls and brass (and I don’t mean us!) on this track which give it a real New Orleans speakeasy feel.

All That Jazz – you can see what we’ve done with this one HERE. Probably the most cabaret-style routine we’ve done – very showy. Feels like we’re in a musical!

Rock On – the beat on this one is fantastic and lends itself to a very subtle, contained, almost dreamy routine.

Guy What Takes His Time – ah, the parasols we use in this one will be the death of us, or at least the death of a few pairs of hosiery! The music is just begging to be a burlesque routine and we’ve designed a cracking little number for it.

Temptation - subtle, smoky and very seductive. Be tempted!

Black Velvet - steamy and seductive in a Slow, Southern Style. Our routine for this is a gem of implicit promise with the loveliest glove removal move that we have invented so far!

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