26 May 2022

Oooohh! The elves are building our workshops

In September 2009, we opened our new dance class with our own choreography to the brilliant, sassy, just absolutely-full-of-it, "Lady Marmalade". And, apart from the Covid intermission which necessarily closed us down for some months, we have been welcoming women to our Wednesday evening class ever since. 

Last night, to bookend things neatly, we finished our final Wednesday class with Lady Marmalade. We are delighted to report that that early dance creation still delivers strut, sass and gentle bewilderment aplenty. We danced, we laughed, we turned confidently in the wrong direction, and we strewed the hall floor generously with boa feathers. 

Over the twelve-plus years of the class, we have danced with dozens of fantastic women. Some are still with us. Others have moved on to other entertainment or to a different pattern of life. Others want to return when we move to doing weekend workshops rather than a weekly class (we do love a workshop, it must be said).  But all of you, you fabulous lot, you have made the class fun and beautiful and daft and witty and a tonic every week. Whatever mood I have been in when I set out to go to class at the end of a working day, I have never failed to come back feeling properly perked up and happier. That's magical.

So, showgirls, the magic will definitely continue, but less frequently and in larger doses. Our first workshop will be on Sunday 10th July, between 2pm and 5pm. Doors will open at 1.30pm, and we will bring refreshments to revive you halfway through. We priced our last workshop at £30. We're going to try this one at £25, so that we can test the appetite for a workshop every couple of months or so.

Let us know if you fancy joining us. We'll pop up more details soon. Save the date!

Yours, revving up gently for a new pattern of deliciousness,

Burlicious x

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