28 Feb 2013

Oh what a night...

Last night's class had everything a showgirl could wish for:

- our beautiful, smouldering new routine
- gorgeous new girls giving it their all
- confident and sassy regulars, showing what they can do
- the flutter of boas, the glide of gloves, the clip of heels...

All this plus the sneaky and unintentional appearance of a couple of previously private body parts.

You can put a showgirl into a delicious corset...but that doesn't mean that all of her will obediently stay there!

Yours, just knowing that a vest isn't the answer,

Burlicious x

21 Feb 2013

What the papers say

The article below appears for your delectation in the Herne Bay Times and the Whitstable Times today. As the lovely Dave says, we Burlicious three are gearing up to sprinkle the magic of Burlicious further afield. We'll tip you the wink when it's time to invest in boa factories so you can cash in on a global phenomenon!

Yours, loving every one of our showgirls,

Burlicious x

17 Feb 2013

Sea Shanties and Showgirls

Last night we opened the second half of "The End Of The Pier Show" in Whitstable, and what a hoot it was.

Together with a foxy compere, a delicious matron, sketches, comedy, sea shanties, the lovely Glory Pearl revealing almost her all, and the brilliantly disturbing Paul Incredible abusing his anatomy, we played to a packed house of 150.

The audience was suitably appreciative. The burly men who made up the sea shanty singers' group were even more so when they discovered we were sharing the same dressing room. All this and an emergency flask of G&T for one of our number meant smiles all round.

Yours, bringing a sequinned sparkle to a number of lives,

Burlicious x

14 Feb 2013

Proud parents

Fresh from its debut at last week's performance, our new routine took its first faltering steps in class last night while we Burlicious three beamed fondly at our creation.

We had a lovely mix of experienced regulars and wide-eyed new showgirls come to play with us, and we filled our little hall with gorgeous women, all doing their thing in a Slow, Southern Style. It was an exceptionally promising start and we're beside ourselves with excitement waiting to see how the glove routine pans out!

I do declare that if our girls crack the steamy, sultry style of this one, we'll need fanning down with a boa, followed by a refreshing mint julep... or two!

Yours, feeling suitably flushed with success,

Burlicious x

12 Feb 2013

Spreading the word

A fun interview session yesterday with that nice Dave Shepherd from Radio Cabin, talking about the wonder of Burlicious and why it makes us smile. You can listen to us on his show, probably this Wednesday evening or next, gossiping on about corsets, costumes, and why what we do is so empowering and confidence-building.

And we're loving one of his golden rules for clothing: "Just because you can do it up, that doesn't mean that it fits."

True, too true.

Yours, striding out over the airwaves,

Burlicious x

10 Feb 2013

We'll give you some oooh la la.....

Off with some of our beautiful troupe last night to the Kent village of Grafty Green, as the evening's entertainment in a French-themed dinner for about 90 people. What a fabulous audience - warm, welcoming and generous with their applause and thanks.

And the showgirls? Ah, the showgirls were divine.

Gyrating in amongst the dinner guests, they did us proud. Corseted, be-sparkled, be-feathered and lashed to the nines (er, that's eye lashes we're talking about here, people. We're not that harsh as troupe mistresses!), they carried on, gorgeous and confident, even when the music had a few little hiccups and went completely silent.

In the nicest possible way, ladies, you danced like real pros!

All this, and a brand new dance routine for class next week.

Yours, resting on our laurels,

Burlicious x

7 Feb 2013

Simply scrumptious

Our final rehearsal last night before our performance this Saturday, and, oh, what a pleasure it was to see our little troupe deliver with such panache!

Girls, you're gorgeous. Watching you dance in different directions (intentionally this time!) was a real treat. We know it's immodest even to suggest this, but, frankly,we think Saturday's punters are in for a real treat.

Now we're off to the wardrobe to find outfits that reveal only what we intend and that have a reduced chance of unilaterally attaching one body part to another. The Burlesque Hunchback of Notre Dame look, top corset buckles caught firmly in lower fishnets, is not what we're after!

Yours, proud of you all,

Burlicious x

4 Feb 2013

Outwitted by technology

This is an apology to all those lovely women (and you, David!) who have emailed us via the website since September last year.

Er, in clearing out the technology attic, we have just found a dusty folder of emails, tucked away in the nether regions of our trusty laptop, full of cheery little messages from prospective showgirls asking if they can join us. And, of course, these emails have gone unanswered by us for months because we had no idea they were there. 


I've emailed you all today giving you the details you need about our classes. Please don't take the long silence as a snub or as stand-offishness on our part - it's entirely down to technology dim-wittedness! Do come and join us, either for this new routine, or the next. We're really very nice and welcoming.

Yours, hiding in shame in the feather cupboard,

Burlicious x




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