4 Feb 2013

Outwitted by technology

This is an apology to all those lovely women (and you, David!) who have emailed us via the website since September last year.

Er, in clearing out the technology attic, we have just found a dusty folder of emails, tucked away in the nether regions of our trusty laptop, full of cheery little messages from prospective showgirls asking if they can join us. And, of course, these emails have gone unanswered by us for months because we had no idea they were there. 


I've emailed you all today giving you the details you need about our classes. Please don't take the long silence as a snub or as stand-offishness on our part - it's entirely down to technology dim-wittedness! Do come and join us, either for this new routine, or the next. We're really very nice and welcoming.

Yours, hiding in shame in the feather cupboard,

Burlicious x

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