7 Nov 2013

Oooh Cinders, you SHALL go to the ball!

Into our glass slippers and off we skipped to an audition last week, dancing for a chance to appear in a Christmas variety show.

Coming as we did fresh from something else, we were rather more casually attired than is our showgirl habit. Ah, what the old hands tell you about never wearing anything that you haven't previously danced in is sound advice.

Unaccustomed to dancing in my yoga trousers, in no time at all I managed to "step tap" the heel of my right shoe into the flowing trouser material of the left leg, producing a sort of inescapable leg manacle of lycra. Thus hobbled, I tottered gamely on towards the back of the stage, ankles tied firmly together, hoping that I would be able to free myself by the time we got to the "ta-dah!" that is our "jump the legs wide apart" move. For a moment there, I was, it has to be said, the Les Dawson or the Dick Emery of burlesque (younger readers may need to Google this to appreciate fully the elegance of the moment!).

Despite this frankly rather rubbish display of our skills, our judges were kind enough to invite us to rustle up a shimmy of showgirls and to take the stage as part of December's show. We can't wait! If there's one thing better than dancing with our showgirls in class, it's seeing them perform confidently when they dance with us in public.

Yours, planning outfits already,

Burlicious x

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