28 Nov 2013

Rouging our knees

We're preparing our talented troupe for our spot in the Christmas Variety Show. The routine is coming together nicely, if we say so ourselves. Despite the fact that we'll be minus a seasoned showgirl or two on the night (we'll miss you!), we do have some delicious new girls getting ready to dance with us for the first time.

We can't wait for the first time that they experience how brilliant it is to take what we do in class (minus the giggling; the colourful language; and the costume compromises) on to the stage to dance in public.

Last night's incautious packing and cool (for the wrong reasons) hall meant that we were a slightly motley crew in driving shoes; cardis; and leggings alongside our corsets and fripperies. We may have looked odd, but, boy, did the dancing look good!

Hatcha, ladies, and WHOOPEE!! ... you're getting the hang of the moves a treat. Just remember, straight back, t*ts foremost, and smile at your lovely audience. Trust me, they'll be smiling delightedly back
at you!

Yours, loving what Santa is bringing us for Christmas,

Burlicious x

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