16 Apr 2014

A whisper of silk...

... a rustle of satin, a wink of sequins and a sigh of feathers... there's a lot of anticipatory murmurings going on in our costume wardrobe at the moment. If you listen very carefully, I swear you can hear our corsets and our fripperies fairly wriggling with excitement because it's only a week before they get to go back to class.

Put your pretty things out of their misery next Wednesday, showgirls. Dress up, and come and strut your stuff with us. You know you're dying for it!

Yours, counting off the days on the calendar,

Burlicious x

6 Apr 2014

Time off for bad behaviour

We've broken up for Easter, having brought our Nasty Naughty Boy to a marvelous climax in the last class of term.

Please, no tittering now in the cheap seats - you know full well that we specialise in tease and temptation, suggestion and speculation, and that we never do anything even slightly grubby. Nasty Naughty Boy is a favourite routine of ours, nothing more. Shame on you for thinking anything else!

Anyway, where were we? Ah yes, last Wednesday's class. It had the lot: shoulders shimmied; fingers beckoned; hips lifted; boas twirled; and the glove spank topped off the whole confection beautifully.

Now we Burlicious three take time out to relax, refresh and to sprinkle a little Burlicious fairy dust over the new routine that we're currently coaxing into bloom. A showgirl's work is never done!

Yours, slaves to our passion,

Burlicious x




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