28 Mar 2014

Sshhh! Sexy, suggestive, slinky moves are brewing!

Apologies for the longish gap between chats recently, you lovely people. Not only have we had a run of performances to perfect, but our more pedestrian daily lives have also been clamouring for attention (needy little things!). On top of that, we are Choreography Central at the mo., locked in our steamy sweatshop crafting new moves for your future pleasure.

Ah, if you could only see the written instructions that we put together as we're developing a new routine. A rather regretful amount of "t*ts" and "a*se" seems to creep onto the page alongside some interesting hieroglyphics.

Then there are the video snippets that we make of potential moves - a veritable treasure trove of comedy moments. Honestly, you ain't seen nuffin' until you've seen us smouldering about, clutching a blue rubber washing-up glove in lieu of a feather fan and camping it up for all we're worth!

We'll be back to full (ahem) service soon, petals. Just bear with us - you can't hurry art! :-)

Yours, brains brimming with beautiful ideas,

Burlicious x

15 Mar 2014

All work and no play...

... makes a showgirl positively frowny and frumpy - which is why we're off tonight in a shimmering showgirl posse for an evening of being entertained by a star-studded cast of burlesque performers.

Dressed to the nines, or possibly the tens, we'll sashay along with some of our lovely troupe for a night of nattering, tippling and clapping enthusiastically. It's a rare treat to be the audience for a change!

And next week, my lovelies, we will start our next routine in class. We're returning to an old flame of ours - still guaranteed to raise the temperature whenever we dance it in public. Soon, soon, we shall have a brand new little number to show you. However, choreography has recently had to take a back seat to preparing for shows and other dull demands.

Hold on to your suspenders - we promise you that it'll be worth the wait!

Yours, getting ready to frock up,

Burlicious x

9 Mar 2014

We're in love...

... with the glamorous lady who watched our performance last night and then told us that we were brilliant, elegant, confident and that we moved with fluid grace (honest!)

... with the male audience member who, having sat petrified as I cat-rubbed him on my way offstage, came up to us later to say it was the best night out he had had for a while

... with the experience of seeing two of our very own showgirls perform their own numbers at the same show, looking positively delicious

... with the lovely, affirming, natural high that comes with dancing two gorgeous routines in fab outfits in front of an appreciative crowd of people who are all grinning like loons and applauding frantically.

Really, this is what this "feeling good in your own skin" thing is all about... even if it is prefaced with a wrestle with a downwards-drifting tights gusset and escapologist false eyelashes. Nobody else needs to see that bit!

Yours, glowing in the aftermath,

Burlicious x




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