9 Mar 2014

We're in love...

... with the glamorous lady who watched our performance last night and then told us that we were brilliant, elegant, confident and that we moved with fluid grace (honest!)

... with the male audience member who, having sat petrified as I cat-rubbed him on my way offstage, came up to us later to say it was the best night out he had had for a while

... with the experience of seeing two of our very own showgirls perform their own numbers at the same show, looking positively delicious

... with the lovely, affirming, natural high that comes with dancing two gorgeous routines in fab outfits in front of an appreciative crowd of people who are all grinning like loons and applauding frantically.

Really, this is what this "feeling good in your own skin" thing is all about... even if it is prefaced with a wrestle with a downwards-drifting tights gusset and escapologist false eyelashes. Nobody else needs to see that bit!

Yours, glowing in the aftermath,

Burlicious x

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