29 Nov 2009

Foray to Folkestone for Burlesque

Off to sunny Folkestone two Fridays ago for a splendid night of Frills and Frolics courtesy of Skinny Pete Productions. We poured ourselves into our little black outfits and went to see a number of experienced burlesque performers do their thing. This was mainstream burlesque, i.e. women in gorgeous outfits using witty or sensual storylines to support the fine art of stripping down to nipple tassels and thongs. It's not what we do, but it's still great to watch.

What was a nice surprise is that the event was in no way sleazy. There's no overlay here of desperate men ogling women they would never in their wildest dreams be able to get close to, nor is there that rather nasty hint that you get in strip clubs of women being objects that are bought and sold for male sexual pleasure. These women are utterly in charge of the experience and take off their clothes with humour and panache. The audience is mixed with a lot of couples having a great time together - no braying, alcohol-fuelled men shouting "get 'em off!" and no hints of borderline prostitution. Highly recommended!

Ladies, if ever you want to see what burlesque can do for your body confidence, go to an event like this. You'll see women of all kinds of shapes and sizes doing their burlesque thing in public with great aplomb. No size zeros here - just ordinary women looking good and demonstrating that each of us is sexy in our own way. The gorgeous women who come to our classes tell us that this is part of the reason that they come - strutting your stuff in a slinky little outfit while learning a sexy dance routine in a safe environment does amazing things for confidence....as well as being a laugh.

End of term approaches for us in a couple of weeks. More soon about plans for the new year - new routines; new nights out to see other women do their burlesque stuff....and definitely an excuse for shopping for new outfits!

Yours, in satin and lace,

Burlicious x

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