1 Nov 2009

Is burlesque for me?

Ah, now, that's a very good question. You'll know from the previous post that our definition of burlesque is about learning some great dance routines; dressing the showgirl part; and removing very little clothing while we dance. Might this be your kind of thing?

It's fair to say that most women come to class for the first time in some trepidation as they just don't know what to expect. However, here are some of the things that they have said at the end of the first class:

"I feel twenty years younger!"
"This is absolutely me!"
"When I come to class I stop being a wife and a mother of two"
"It's really liberating"
"What a fantastic excuse to go shopping!"
"This has been the most amazing boost to my confidence!"

So, who would enjoy our kind of class?

Well, if you're a woman who loves to dance and doesn't have enough opportunities to do so, this is for you. If you have a collection of slightly risque pieces of clothing that you no longer wear, here's your chance to slink back into them and strut your stuff. If you like having a laugh with a bunch of other women in a very friendly and supportive environment, you'll enjoy this. If your inner showgirl is drawn to buy clothing that is more sequins and satin than staid, sensible, and suitable for Tesco, you've found your natural place. Burlesque is just a great opportunity to wear clothes you can't wear anywhere else and to look gorgeous while you dance with a great group of women.

Dance burlesque and go home on a natural high!

Yours, in fishnets,

Burlicious xx

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