29 Sept 2013

Take a bow, Busby Berkeley

We're still smiling after last week's class and our first steps in turning an old - and much-loved - routine designed for a dance class into a routine that will show well to an audience.

Showgirls, you were the picture of patience as we messed about with the direction in which we wanted you to face and then toyed with the direction of travel of each of you around the "stage". I tell you, it's much easier being able to step this out with actual showgirls than it is trying it out - just the three of us - in the intimate setting of Burlicious Towers and then guessing where each of you might have ended up once the first few dance sections have been completed!

Shouldn't there be an app for this? Can someone task a pre-teen to do this for us?

How did Busby Berkeley do it? With an army of obedient minions and lots of big sheets of paper?!

Please remind us to put "minions" on our Christmas wish list. Preferably the kind that can double up as wardrobe wizards and props pixies. We need staff!

Yours, dreaming of our empire-to-be,

Burlicious x

19 Sept 2013

While the cat's away...

... the mice make brilliant progress!

I returned to class last night after a week in the Burlicious-less wilds of the western shires. Showgirls, I can't tell you how nice it was to see what you had achieved in my absence. In the more-than-capable gloved hands of the Sparkly Bra Pixie and the voluptuous Jules, you clearly danced up a storm last week judging by how much more confident you looked this week with the routine.

Hovering deliciously for the "flick, and HOLD IT"; turning as one for the "and present bum"; and bunny hopping backwards with panache; you looked fabulous. Even the Wonder Woman turn holds no fear for you now!

Next week we'll capitalise on that triumph and then mess about with the staging so that the routine's ready for an adoring public next year. We can't wait!

Yours, chuffed to bits,

Burlicious x

16 Sept 2013

All a-buzz at Burlicious Towers

I can't believe it's been a month since we last chatted to you. We've been as busy as bees making honey for Burlicious since we last spoke.

Our new term got off to a flying start with a Wonder Woman spin and the sassy sashaying that be-jewel our Love Potion routine.

Then we had our second Saturday workshop. What a delight it was to dance again with showgirls who haven't been able to be at class for a while. And we love, love, love the mismatch between the demure steps and the shouted instructions that seem to be needed for this routine - Sergeant Major shouts of "LEFT!" and "CURTSY!". Stormtrooper burlesque - you can't beat it!

We're now preparing for our next performance. Some lucky creature is getting us as a dancing birthday party surprise... what could be nicer?!

Yours, wrapping ourselves up beautifully,

Burlicious x




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