16 Sept 2013

All a-buzz at Burlicious Towers

I can't believe it's been a month since we last chatted to you. We've been as busy as bees making honey for Burlicious since we last spoke.

Our new term got off to a flying start with a Wonder Woman spin and the sassy sashaying that be-jewel our Love Potion routine.

Then we had our second Saturday workshop. What a delight it was to dance again with showgirls who haven't been able to be at class for a while. And we love, love, love the mismatch between the demure steps and the shouted instructions that seem to be needed for this routine - Sergeant Major shouts of "LEFT!" and "CURTSY!". Stormtrooper burlesque - you can't beat it!

We're now preparing for our next performance. Some lucky creature is getting us as a dancing birthday party surprise... what could be nicer?!

Yours, wrapping ourselves up beautifully,

Burlicious x

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