31 Dec 2013

Shimmy yourself over to our place...

Happy New Year, Showgirls! 

Ditch the onesie. Rip off the Christmas jumper. Sparkle up the sequins. Fluff up the feathers. Slip on your sashaying shoes (easier written than said!) and come and join the other glamorous beauties for a new term of dancing, daftness and delicious dressing up. We start again on Weds 8th January - hurrah!

A whole new dancing year beckons.

Yours, beading up our bodice in anticipation,

Burlicious x

23 Dec 2013

To our delicious Burlicious birthday babe

Happy birthday to the voluptuous Jules!

Don't eat her all at once, now!

With tons of love and hugs from your showgirl partners-in-sequins,

Burlicious xx

PS: And a huge thank you to our former showgirl, Vanessa, at Berry's Eatery, for her talented baking!

21 Dec 2013

The glamour, the lights... the bins, the industrial ducting...

We Burlicious three and seven sassy showgirls were the closing act for the Christmas Variety Show last night.

What a hoot!

It was a hallmark Burlicious experience - the route to our attic changing room took us out to the seafront on a brisk December evening, past the bins, in through the stage door, past the heating units and up into a b*gger's muddle of a storage room lined with ducting. Perched on trestle tables in the gloom, we whiled away the time checking each other for wayward clothing labels and wondering what the nice ladies in the big cat costume were going to be doing as the turn before us.

From this unlovely base we launched a fantastic performance, if we say so ourselves. Afterwards, three separate women told us they would not have the confidence to do what we had done; another wanted to sign up there and then; and one gent was keen to open negotiations to buy us.

Job done.

Half our troupe had never danced in public with us before. As one new showgirl said happily afterwards; "well, that's that virginity lost." Welcome to our gorgeous band of performers, new beauties - we're delighted to have you with us.

Thanking you all for a splendid evening,

Burlicious x

19 Dec 2013

Chuffed to bits!

We had two dress rehearsals last night - one with the professional dancers who are putting Friday's show together, and then one just for us showgirls to tidy up some loose ends and get everything tip top, shipshape and Bristol-fashion (please, no innuendo-laden sniggering in the cheap seats!) before we take the stage.

Here's what you need to know, showgirls - you're looking very fine and so is the routine. It is genuinely a pleasure to see what you have achieved in just a few hours' work spread over a few weeks. I know that there's still the odd microsecond of empty brain and blind panic that strikes, but, trust us, the moves work; the coordinated outfits look fantastic; and you are looking delicious individually and as a troupe.

We're very happy to be stepping onto the stage with you tomorrow... even if we do have to run through the bins area in the pouring rain to get there!

Enjoy it tomorrow - that's what we all do this for.

Yours, ready for a drink in the bar afterwards,

Burlicious x

12 Dec 2013

Disciplinarian burlesque

Last night was our penultimate class before the Variety Show and therefore time to put our sassy showgirls through their paces before we go to the dress rehearsal.

Tempting though it was to dress for the part in a severe schoolmistress gown, black lisle stockings and intimidating half-moon glasses, we settled instead for our normal burlesque attire and the threat of detention. Well, apart from the Sparkly Bra Pixie who came dressed as Santa's sexy helper, complete with daft little hat and stripey socks. Perhaps it's not that surprising that the Police pull her over as she drives home after class?

Anyway, I know you're all asking yourself:  "how did those lovely showgirls respond to being lashed into shape?" The answer is "with aplomb".

Honestly, showgirls, this routine has come on in leaps and bounds in a very short time. Now all you need to do is remember to keep your back straight and your smile big. On the night, you won't have we Burlicious three in the audience intermittently shouting: "t*ts" and "teeth" at you as a helpful reminder. We think that might be frowned on.

Yours, gathering our gorgeousness for the dress rehearsal,

Burlicious x

5 Dec 2013

Sequins for Santa

Musing last night at class about our forthcoming performance in a Christmas Variety Show, it struck us that we have specialised in performing for audiences who, ahem, have had a bit to drink before we go on.

Now, before you conjure up pictures of us on stage behind chain-link security netting, with crazed punters chucking beer bottles at us and baying for blood, we don't want to give the wrong impression.

Yes, our lovely audience at the French-themed evening did get more and more rosy-cheeked and vocally appreciative as the night wore on. Yes, members of the audience at our first charity do did stagger up to us afterwards, half-empty wine bottles tucked firmly under the arm, to insist that they wanted to join our class. Yes, the audience at the End of the Pier Show was comfortably pickled by the time we graced the stage (very generous glasses of wine were being doled out at the makeshift bar). And, yes, guests at various birthday parties, hen parties and restaurants where we have danced have all downed their first drink or two before we don our boas to trip the light fantastic for them.

However, we like to think of it this way. We're typically asked to dance at events where people are getting together to have a good time and to celebrate something. Often, those celebratory events include alcohol.

There is no link between our presence and the tipsiness of the crowd. None whatsoever.


We're just bringing a little extra sparkle to the occasion.

So, our Christmas Variety performance in front of a (we think) more than usually sober crowd is just another opportunity for us to illuminate an evening. Sequins for Santa, if you like. And what could be nicer than that?

Yours, off to the bar,

Burlicious x




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