19 Dec 2013

Chuffed to bits!

We had two dress rehearsals last night - one with the professional dancers who are putting Friday's show together, and then one just for us showgirls to tidy up some loose ends and get everything tip top, shipshape and Bristol-fashion (please, no innuendo-laden sniggering in the cheap seats!) before we take the stage.

Here's what you need to know, showgirls - you're looking very fine and so is the routine. It is genuinely a pleasure to see what you have achieved in just a few hours' work spread over a few weeks. I know that there's still the odd microsecond of empty brain and blind panic that strikes, but, trust us, the moves work; the coordinated outfits look fantastic; and you are looking delicious individually and as a troupe.

We're very happy to be stepping onto the stage with you tomorrow... even if we do have to run through the bins area in the pouring rain to get there!

Enjoy it tomorrow - that's what we all do this for.

Yours, ready for a drink in the bar afterwards,

Burlicious x

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