26 Apr 2018

Out hooking

After a small hiccup last night (and, no, it wasn't the gin) we're ready to start a new routine next week, Wednesday 2nd May. So, as we always say, if you've had your corsets on hold whilst waiting for us to complete the routine we're currently teaching, next week is your chance to join us at the very beginning of a routine.

We'll be teaching our pert little version of "Turn back, O man" from Godspell - loved by vicars everywhere 😇. It's our cane routine and very nice it is too.

A word of warning. Our experienced showgirls will know that, along with the canes made by our fabulous Props Manager, we have some back up canes - i.e. proper walking sticks complete with curved handle. Last night, loading stuff into the car after a practice run, I accidentally managed to hook the Voluptuous Jules firmly by the front of her frock and drag her towards me off the pavement and into the road. it was like a mishandled showgirl abduction.

It bodes ill for what might happen when there are a number of us flailing about with canes in one room next week. Don't say that we haven't warned you. Crash helmets with diamanté will be acceptable.

Yours, recruiting people off the street by hook or by crook,

Burlicious x

19 Apr 2018

Oh bondage...

Last night we had a sublime example of involuntary bondage. Slithering down her legs to collect her boa from the floor, the Voluptuous Jules managed to catch the front of her sequinned camisole in her net tights. Firmly. In more than one place. And then, after a short intermission, she did it again.

Bent double trying to release one from the other without ruining either, she was more than slightly hampered by not having the clearest view of what she was doing. Jules has a deliciously generous bosoooom and her assets were rather blocking the way. There's a reason she's called Voluptuous.

Supportively, we laughed and then started amusing ourselves as to how we would cope if this were to happen in the middle of a stage performance.

Crablike, we mimed stealing off stage, knees bent, chest almost on thighs, while smiling bravely and doing little distracting arm waves and boa flutters to the audience.

Seriously, we shouldn't be allowed out without carers.

Yours, in fond hilarity,

Burlicious x




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