27 Jul 2015

And... relax!

Well, here we are at the end of another Burlicious dancing year - corsets packed away; gloves laundered; boas fluffing themselves in the garden breeze; and time for some plotting and planning.

Term ended with triumphant mastery of "Rock On", and only the odd splintered derriere to show for it. We showgirls are 'ard, tho', well 'ard - we take whatever that floor throws at us (sometimes, apparently, very uneven gravity) and we glide on gorgeously, with only the odd perfectly chosen swear word to hint at the flesh wounds that we collect in the name of our art.

The summer holidays ahead promise afternoons of choreography as well as planning for the birthday event this Autumn of one of our beauties, where we will be strutting our stuff in her honour. We love doing events with and for our girls - it makes for the best possible night out.

So, my darlings, class is over for the summer. We'll update you now and then on progress over the next few weeks, but otherwise it's a temporary "so long" until we sizzle and sashay our way into September and a brand dance term starting on the 9th. Do join us!

Yours, loosening our stays and taking the weight off our stillies,

Burlicious x

16 Jul 2015

Dreamy deliciousness

We entertained ourselves last night with a new (old) routine to take us through the last two weeks of term. It's a langorous, sinuous number - a neat, subtle and contained little thing. Of course, it does start off on the floor with that well-known dance move, the Upended Beetle.

Hmm. Well, initially that was how it looked last night. As I took to the stage to demonstrate, all I could see was a sea of unconvinced showgirl faces and the air was positively teeming with "are you serious?!" thought bubbles.

But, as always, our troupe conquered it and soon we had wave upon wave of legs going in then up then in then up in sultry synchronised rhythm to the shouted instructions of me and the Sparkly Bra Pixie in our Sergeant Major harmonious duet.

We do love it when a plan comes together.

And, as one of our beauties later announced: "who would have thought that you could dance like that to David Essex?"

Do pop round, David. We're sure that you would be chuffed to see what we have done with your work.

Yours, Rocking On,

Burlicious x

9 Jul 2015

The showgirl wardrobe - the gift that keeps on giving

Part of the joy of what we do comes from dressing up in the sort of clothing that is inappropriate in just about any other external setting (what our showgirls do in the privacy of their own home is entirely up to them, natch!). This joy is a multi-layered experience.

First, there is the pleasure of acquiring the showgirl wardrobe - whether that's shopping with a mate; browsing the internet; or a few of us getting together for an afternoon of crafty invention - seeking out and/or creating these daft little fripperies of satin, sequins, feathers and sparkles is great fun.

Secondly, there's the getting ready for class. This is a joy shared as our partners are pressed into service as dressers and/or as transparency and "revealingness" checkers (their opinion in this latter regard is not always reliable). Hot Wednesday is now enshrined in a number of households as something to look forward to.

Thirdly, there's the joy of going to class, admiring fellow showgirls in their finery and being complimented in turn. There's also the bonus laugh gained from unexpected costume malfunctions and surprises - I count among those last night's repeated experience of being swatted in the gusset by the Sparkly Bra Pixie's plait.

Fourthly, there's the absolute bloomin' gorgeous sight of seeing a troupe of showgirls, in their individual but themed performance best, filling a stage with colour and sparkle. Can't beat it.

Fifthly, there's the clothes swap. That's when we get together to find new homes for mistake purchases, or simply to hand on once much-loved outfits in the interests of freeing up wardrobe space for new acquisitions (hurrah!). There's fizz. There's cake. There's serious browsing. What's not to like?

Then there's the joy of seeing fripperies that were once yours looking absolutely gorgeous on another showgirl at the next class.

And, finally, at the end of every clothes swap, there's the trip to the charity shop with the items that didn't go home with a new owner. I did this a couple of weeks ago and the two ladies to whom I handed our bag of colourful bits of nonsense were thrilled. "It's just some daft stuff that we wear for dancing" says I. "Yes, we can see that," says they, knowingly. "That lot'll be going in the window".

So you see, you think that we're just skipping about enjoying ourselves in class when, actually, we are engaged in responsible recycling and brightening up the lives of others and our local surroundings. It's an onerous job, but we're up to it.

Yours, polishing up the credit cards,

Burlicious x

3 Jul 2015

Meltingly gorgeous

A blazing June Saturday afternoon provided a fitting backdrop to our most recent Burlicious half-day workshop. Thankfully, we chose a dreamy, quietly sensuous routine for the occasion, rather than one of our more strutting, fast-moving ones. Even so, we were definitely glowing after three hours' showgirlery!

Our weekend workshops are a great opportunity for women who can't get to our regular weekday class to have a taste of the Burlicious experience. We love having new women join us and seeing them go from slightly apprehensive to giving it their all in just three hours.

There's always time for a giggle. From the upended, leg-waving beetle effect at the beginning of this particular routine; through the inevitable: "which left? My left?" or women scampering about in different directions whilst trying to master a bit of step tap; to the "aaargh!" with petulant stamping brought on when feet just don't go in the direction that the brain communicates; there are always plenty of opportunities for cock ups and calamities.

And then, at the end, it all suddenly comes together and the troupe moves as one, looking just, well, just quite simply beautiful.

It wasn't just the chocolate cake that oozed deliciously in the heat, showgirls, nor was it just the fizz that sparkled - you were all bloomin' lovely.

Yours, impatient to do it all again,

Burlicious x




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