27 Jul 2015

And... relax!

Well, here we are at the end of another Burlicious dancing year - corsets packed away; gloves laundered; boas fluffing themselves in the garden breeze; and time for some plotting and planning.

Term ended with triumphant mastery of "Rock On", and only the odd splintered derriere to show for it. We showgirls are 'ard, tho', well 'ard - we take whatever that floor throws at us (sometimes, apparently, very uneven gravity) and we glide on gorgeously, with only the odd perfectly chosen swear word to hint at the flesh wounds that we collect in the name of our art.

The summer holidays ahead promise afternoons of choreography as well as planning for the birthday event this Autumn of one of our beauties, where we will be strutting our stuff in her honour. We love doing events with and for our girls - it makes for the best possible night out.

So, my darlings, class is over for the summer. We'll update you now and then on progress over the next few weeks, but otherwise it's a temporary "so long" until we sizzle and sashay our way into September and a brand dance term starting on the 9th. Do join us!

Yours, loosening our stays and taking the weight off our stillies,

Burlicious x

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