1 Jan 2015

Gird yer garters, gorgeousness is about to return!

Just a reminder, showgirls, that class starts again on Weds 7th January. Cinch those Christmas curves into a corset and come and clip about charmingly in heels with us.

Alternatively, turn up in your track suit bottoms, if that's all that currently fits, and come and shimmy about with us - we can make use of every inch!

Over the next few weeks we'll use our class time to prepare for the Valentine's Night show. Here's the deal:

  • Appearing in the show is absolutely 100% voluntary. No obligation. No expectation. No pressure. Honest
  • If you don't fancy being in the show, do still come to class - we love seeing you and don't want you to feel excluded
  • We'll be dancing "Mama" in January. Downside - there'll be no new routine until late Feb. Upside - you'll know Mama sooooo well by 14th Feb that you'll be able to camp it up to the max and really enjoy yourself every time you dance it
  • Outside our normal class, we'll also rehearse "Nasty Naughty Boy" with those who already know it. If you fancy performing that at the show, let us know!
It may be cold outside, showgirls, but we'll give you back your glow!

Yours, gearing up for glamour,

Burlicious x

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