8 Jan 2015

A pleasing jiggle

Back to class last night and straight into rehearsals. We've just a few weeks in which to tighten up a routine we danced recently and to refresh another that we haven't danced for a while. Patiently, our showgirls went over and over the beginning of "When you're good to Mama", and already it's coming together.

We love the fact that, even tho' we're pretty focussed at the moment, there is still room for laughter. The "lean-over-with-bum-to-the-audience-and-shimmy" has progressed nicely from having twenty two heels clattering on the floor like a frenzy of free-range castanets to being a much more contained little number. Moreover, we're now avoiding bending so far forward that the audience would be able to see our astonished little faces upside down through our wide open legs. That's class, that is.

All this and the bonus of seeing the pearly white bosoooom of the voluptuous Jules jiggling like a firm blancmange as she trots briskly onto the stage for the opening moves suggests to us that we'll be a proper feast for the eyes.

We love getting you ready to show off in public, showgirls, we really do!

Yours, excited already,

Burlicious x

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