29 Jan 2015

Showgirl overspill

No, not quite what you're thinking. I'm referring to the "brain so full that the legs and arms forget what they're doing" syndrome that is striking some of us at the moment.

Trying to coordinate a glove drop whilst choreographing last week, we agreed that each of us would say "drop" as we drop the glove so that the next showgirl in line would know precisely when to release her own glove. Simple. Except that, when it came to it, my brain was so full of "loosen glove, turn, remove glove, hold, then turn, stroke glove, hold it... and drop it NOW!" that I didn't have any bandwidth left in my head to say the word "drop" at the same time.

"I thought we were going to say "drop"?" says the Sparkly Bra Pixie afterwards. Yes, I did too. What I hadn't realised is that I wouldn't actually be able to form and then utter the word!

Similarly, while in rehearsal last night, I saw something I wanted to correct. I was so busy remembering it that I then hip bumped the wrong way, straight into the oncoming hip of the Voluptuous Jules. Astonished, we hung onto each other, and I could see that she was thinking: "Crap. I've gone wrong" and that all thought of the next move had now escaped her.

That and the pile up we had at Burlicious Towers when the Sparkly Bra Pixie and I trotted smartly to the right and almost ran down the Voluptuous Jules who had frozen to a halt in our path, tells me that we've still got it when it comes to our creativity at b*ggering up a perfectly nice routine in new and surprising ways.

Yours, showgirls of mystery and infinite variety,

Burlicious x

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