30 Jun 2020

The lockdown love handle

It is possible, just possible, that there will be a teeny bit more voluptuous flesh about our person when we meet again, Showgirls. Now, that in itself is not a problem. The challenge will come when we are finally returning to class and to the strict embrace of a corset that has languished in a drawer since March. Corset strings can only be loosened so far, after all.

Perhaps we shall recruit some burly helpers to help strongarm us, Scarlett O'Hara-like, into our boned bodices come the great relaunch of our weekly class. We can sell it as an upper body work out as well as a service to femininity.

Hmmm. We shall give thought to the PPE and social distancing ramifications.

Until then, Showgirls, blossom and thrive, blossom and thrive.

Yours, expansively,

Burlicious x

11 Jun 2020

Not resting on our laurels

Tucked away in drawers and boxes are the promises of sassiness and slink to come. Satin corsets are curled up and snoozing until it is their time to snuggle up to a showgirl again. Sequins glimmer quietly until they are called once more to shine and sparkle on billowy female flesh. Shoes stand silently to attention, ready to strut. And boas wait fluffily for the call to drape and flutter, waft and caress.

We’re all waiting.

But it is not all time lost, Showgirls. As we have already announced, a new routine is 90% ready to show its saucy face to the world. A bit of creative finishing off is all that is now required. Given the current social distancing restrictions, we shall have to do that outside somewhere, but that is perfectly possible and it might delight a couple of onlookers. And we think we have identified a cracking track for the routine that will come after that.

We suspect that we may be some time away from the next Burlicious class, but we are really looking forward to being with you all again and to sharing the laughter, the beauty, the jokes, the glamour and the happy, gentle car crash-ness of dancing with you all in our funny little hall.

Until then, Showgirls, look after your beautiful selves.

Yours, ready for the relaunch,

Burlicious x




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