30 Jun 2020

The lockdown love handle

It is possible, just possible, that there will be a teeny bit more voluptuous flesh about our person when we meet again, Showgirls. Now, that in itself is not a problem. The challenge will come when we are finally returning to class and to the strict embrace of a corset that has languished in a drawer since March. Corset strings can only be loosened so far, after all.

Perhaps we shall recruit some burly helpers to help strongarm us, Scarlett O'Hara-like, into our boned bodices come the great relaunch of our weekly class. We can sell it as an upper body work out as well as a service to femininity.

Hmmm. We shall give thought to the PPE and social distancing ramifications.

Until then, Showgirls, blossom and thrive, blossom and thrive.

Yours, expansively,

Burlicious x

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