19 Dec 2019

And relax...!

Another term sashays to a close. Long satin gloves are rolled up. Boas are gathered. Outfits are repaired, re-twinkled and stored. And we Burlicious Three and our lovely showgirls can set our mind to forgetting what we were dancing only yesterday. :-)

Which is a shame, really, because we are now within a feather's breadth of finishing this routine. However, I predict that we'll all return to it in January, a little bit more freestyle than is actually choreographed, and a mite confused, but with plenty of pizzazz and sparkle.

Showgirls, we plan to finish Roxanne in the first class back, which is Weds 8th January. We'll then start the next routine on Weds 15th January.

In the meantime, have a fun, frivolous, love-filled Christmas. May your fishnet stockings be temptingly filled and your glass be never empty.

Yours, letting out the corsets in preparation,

Burlicious x




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