28 Jan 2016

Cor blimey, Mary Poppins!

Our current routine is a cheeky little number - all double entendre and pert innuendo. We originally launched it using rather lovely parasols as our prop. Having seen the damage that the average showgirl inflicts on these fragile things, we downgraded swiftly to children's umbrellas.

A favourite move is when, facing away from the audience, the troupe leans over slowly, takes the brolly through their open legs and "POP!", opens the brolly smartly towards the audience.

Ah, the sight of all those doe-eyed Disney characters, flashing suddenly into view between fishnetted thighs is a sight for sore eyes, we can tell you. Of course, it takes a few goes for the troupe to learn that you have to close the brolly before you can bring it back through the legs and stand up again. Once they've mistressed that, though, you get this amazing sound, like twenty teeny sails cracking in a stiff breeze at the same time, and a sudden flash of pastel colour.

We think that Mary Poppins should have added this to her repertoire of brolly moves. Who knows what nifty little outfit she may have had on underneath that severe raincoat? We reckon it would have put a smile on Bert, the chimney sweep's, face.

See you next week, showgirls, for the brolly whizz - we'll have St John's Ambulance on standby in case of over-enthusiastic take-off.

Yours, with just a spoonful of sugar,

Burlicious x

21 Jan 2016

Under your lovely nose

A veritable galaxy of new showgirls turned up last night to test drive the Burlicious experience. And such a wealth of womanly wonders reminded us all over again exactly what we're about.

Yes, we delight in providing a little levity in the week - an hour of giggles and nonsense and thrashing about with props.

Yes, we're proud to have created a space in which women can prance around in their undies and know that they're loved, not judged.

Yes, we love the fact that we're getting a bit of exercise and having an absolute hoot while we do so.

Most of all, though, Burlicious is about women feeling good about how their body looks and feels and about having the opportunity to be sexy and fabulous, away from the chores of everyday life.

Is this important? You bet your spangly drawers it is! As women, we're trained to aspire to some popular picture of feminine perfection. We have an idea of how we would like to look, and the bits that don't match this ideal are what we notice and fret about most.

But if you stand where we stand, watching a whole troupe of women, you notice the beautiful bits about each woman - a firm arse here; preposterously long legs there; a velvety decolletage here; a smouldering expression there; dewy skin; a flirtatious grin; a sculpted back, the teeniest waist... need we go on?

We've said it before, but it warrants repetition - give yourself permission to enjoy your beauty, showgirls. You've all got it!

Yours, positively surrounded by gorgeousness,

Burlicious x

14 Jan 2016

A thing of beauty

We finished teaching our current routine last night and started just dancing it. We did this in our time-honoured fashion of getting our beautiful troupe to dance the routine facing the usual direction; and then facing in the opposite direction; and then facing in other directions. It's a good test of how well you know a routine if you can dance it happily wherever you happen to have been popped down (probably best not to do this in the petrol station or at the bus stop, however).

One of the delights for me is that, instead of being at the front of the troupe and seeing glimpses over my shoulder of what they're all up to, I now get to see the routine from the back of the troupe and from the side. It's a whole new view.

And, wow, what a view!

It's a consistent story - moves that feel pretty good in the design stage are transformed into something stunning when fifteen women all do them at once. Watching all those seated legs open wide in a pulse of invitation, then SNAP back together like a courtesan's flirtatious fan makes my sequinned posing bra fair burst with pride and delight. Honestly, showgirls, we bet you have absolutely no idea how good you all look.

So, bottoms up to you in all your glory (or, "bum, elbow, twist", as the latest instruction goes). We could hug you all.

Yours,positively beaming with pride,

Burlicious x

7 Jan 2016

Carefully calibrated

Toilet, bus stop, clock. Toilet, bus stop, clock. Toilet, bus stop, clock (stage).

No, this isn't a list for the hard of thinking as they prepare to leave the house to meet under the town clock. It was what we used last night to clarify which direction the hips go in if we're doing an anti-clockwise grind. Right towards the toilet; forwards towards the bus stop; and so on - you get the picture.

Clockwise? Anti-clockwise? It all sound so simple, doesn't it? And it starts off as easy as it sounds... until you lean over at a 90 degree angle when, suddenly, some showgirls find that their happily anti-clockwise-circling hips reassert themselves and start describing confident clockwise circles. Bizarre. It's like watching water going down the plughole in an irresistibly different direction depending on whether you're north or south of the equator.

You see, you think we're just swanning about shaking our tail feathers, don't you? In actual fact, we're part of a living, breathing science experiment.

In fishnets. And heels. And corsets. Actually, I'll stop here before we get too clear a vision of Dr. Frank N Furter creating Rocky in his lab. On the other hand, we think he would have luuuurved our troupe!

Yours, gyrating gorgeously,

Burlicious x

2 Jan 2016

Ooooh, look what Santa brought us...

... another year of fun, frolics and fripperies at Burlicious.

Shake yer sequins, showgirls, and flash yer fishnets, we're back for a brand new term, starting Wednesday 6th January. Hurrah!

Yes, there may be a little more of you to lace into your corset now that Christmas is over, but who would want to stint themselves of something as gorgeous as you? Come and strut that womanly stuff with us, you delicious things - you know it always puts a smile on your face and roses in your (ahem) cheeks.

Yours, bursting out all over,

Burlicious x




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