14 Jan 2016

A thing of beauty

We finished teaching our current routine last night and started just dancing it. We did this in our time-honoured fashion of getting our beautiful troupe to dance the routine facing the usual direction; and then facing in the opposite direction; and then facing in other directions. It's a good test of how well you know a routine if you can dance it happily wherever you happen to have been popped down (probably best not to do this in the petrol station or at the bus stop, however).

One of the delights for me is that, instead of being at the front of the troupe and seeing glimpses over my shoulder of what they're all up to, I now get to see the routine from the back of the troupe and from the side. It's a whole new view.

And, wow, what a view!

It's a consistent story - moves that feel pretty good in the design stage are transformed into something stunning when fifteen women all do them at once. Watching all those seated legs open wide in a pulse of invitation, then SNAP back together like a courtesan's flirtatious fan makes my sequinned posing bra fair burst with pride and delight. Honestly, showgirls, we bet you have absolutely no idea how good you all look.

So, bottoms up to you in all your glory (or, "bum, elbow, twist", as the latest instruction goes). We could hug you all.

Yours,positively beaming with pride,

Burlicious x

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