7 Jan 2016

Carefully calibrated

Toilet, bus stop, clock. Toilet, bus stop, clock. Toilet, bus stop, clock (stage).

No, this isn't a list for the hard of thinking as they prepare to leave the house to meet under the town clock. It was what we used last night to clarify which direction the hips go in if we're doing an anti-clockwise grind. Right towards the toilet; forwards towards the bus stop; and so on - you get the picture.

Clockwise? Anti-clockwise? It all sound so simple, doesn't it? And it starts off as easy as it sounds... until you lean over at a 90 degree angle when, suddenly, some showgirls find that their happily anti-clockwise-circling hips reassert themselves and start describing confident clockwise circles. Bizarre. It's like watching water going down the plughole in an irresistibly different direction depending on whether you're north or south of the equator.

You see, you think we're just swanning about shaking our tail feathers, don't you? In actual fact, we're part of a living, breathing science experiment.

In fishnets. And heels. And corsets. Actually, I'll stop here before we get too clear a vision of Dr. Frank N Furter creating Rocky in his lab. On the other hand, we think he would have luuuurved our troupe!

Yours, gyrating gorgeously,

Burlicious x

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