23 Dec 2015

Merry Christmas and a Burlicious New Year!

A fabulous Christmas to all our readers from us and from our new showgirl mascot, Tallulah.

May your Christmas sparkle like sequins and may your stockings be beautifully filled.

Have a great time and we look forward to seeing our showgirls (and any new joiners and/or intrigued test drivers) back at class in January, squodged appealingly into yer smalls.

In the meantime, enjoy!

Yours, unlacing our stays,

Burlicious x

17 Dec 2015

Fairy wings, reindeer antlers, saucy Santa knickers and oodles of red velvet trimmed with fluffy white – yes, last night was the last class before Christmas for Burlicious.

We had a positive bevy of Santa’s little helpers all clipping about in heels and fishnets. Well, somebody has to get Santa’s (ahem) spirits up before the big night, don’t they? Positively heart-warming, it was, to hear the jingle of sleigh bells in the background every time that the Voluptuous Jules shook her glorious stuff.

So, showgirls, off you go to your important task of spreading joy, sparkles and a judicious bit of smut over the lives of your nearest and dearest this Christmas. We look forward to seeing you report for duty again on the 6th January for another delicious Burlicious year and more leg waving; chair straddling, high stepping hours of fun, sexiness and giggles.

Yours, with enormous hugs,

Burlicious x

11 Dec 2015

Saddle up and ride 'em, Showgirl!

Apologies for our silence recently. Normal life has been rather getting in the way of our capacity to chat to you. However, blog or no blog, you'll be relieved to know that our weekly dose of deliciousness in the shape of our regular class has been being administered as usual. The show, my darlings, always goes on.

We're slinking to a close with our latest suggestive little routine. Our showgirls have mistressed the "take off glove using shoe" move (which is prettier than it sounds, if a bit tricky to pull off. Ha! See what we did there?! "Pull off" - geddit?). They've blindfolded themselves beautifully with that same glove without any catastrophe. We must say that it's all coming along very nicely.

This week we introduced a move that, if done over-enthusiastically, does look a tad as if we're flossing our gusset. Now, the need for clean drawers in case of being run over is obviously a cornerstone of a nicely brought up laydee's life. However, too vigorous a see-sawing motion of the glove through the legs is not necessarily the best way to achieve that standard of presentability.

That and the vigorous mount and dismount of the chair has the potential to bring rather too much of the rodeo into the routine.

Frankly, dear reader, it's only our sheer gorgeousness that enables us to carry off these carry ons so glamorously.

Yours, yee-hahing for beauty,

Burlicious x




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