25 Aug 2014

Only nine shopping days until class begins again!

Not that it's essential to shop before you shimmy, you understand, but we just wanted to point out that there are other things than Christmas for a showgirl to look forward to!

Yes, on Weds 3rd we fluff up our feathers, cinch in our corsets, and slip back into our stillies for another term of giggles and gorgeousness.

We've had a productive summer of choreography and plotting. Even now a scattering of scarlet feathers drifts around the garden at Burlicious Towers, telling the tale of the completion of our fabulous new routine and its subsequent capture on film for our reference archive. We're hoping that the neighbours appreciate the open air burlesque performance that they're treated to intermittently.

Admittedly, it does detract from the elegance of the routine a teeny bit when a boa placed neatly on the patio in one part of the routine then breezes off down the garden as we dance, necessitating a bit of a chase when it comes to time to pick the bloomin' thing up again. Ah well, it all adds to the workout!

Yours, ready for a bit of Autumn raunching,

Burlicious x

15 Aug 2014

Deliciously naughty

Another hard afternoon down the choreography mine yesterday has produced what we think is a little diamond in the muff.

I'm so sorry - that should have read "rough". I do apologise - I must have left the coarseness button on this keyboard switched on.

Anyway, our new little sparkler of a routine is finished and now it just needs buffing and refining.

We've flicked; we've quickied; we've shimmied and we've fluttered. We've stroked and we've thrust; we've caressed and we've wrapped. We've also eaten our body weight in chocolate biscuits and we've laughed 'til we've cried. It's a hard, hard, hard job, this designing lark.

Raise your glasses, please, to welcome into the world our new little nugget of mouth-watering naughtiness - premiering in September.

Yours, chuffed to bits with ourselves,

Burlicious x




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