15 Aug 2014

Deliciously naughty

Another hard afternoon down the choreography mine yesterday has produced what we think is a little diamond in the muff.

I'm so sorry - that should have read "rough". I do apologise - I must have left the coarseness button on this keyboard switched on.

Anyway, our new little sparkler of a routine is finished and now it just needs buffing and refining.

We've flicked; we've quickied; we've shimmied and we've fluttered. We've stroked and we've thrust; we've caressed and we've wrapped. We've also eaten our body weight in chocolate biscuits and we've laughed 'til we've cried. It's a hard, hard, hard job, this designing lark.

Raise your glasses, please, to welcome into the world our new little nugget of mouth-watering naughtiness - premiering in September.

Yours, chuffed to bits with ourselves,

Burlicious x

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