What do we wear?

Ah, now this is one of the best bits!

If you think you might want to join the class, come and test drive it first before buying so much as a feather. So, if you’re feeling a bit uncertain, the best thing to turn up in is exercise kit - track suit bottoms; leggings; comfy tops – anything you can move in.

Add to that a pair of shoes with a small heel that you know will stay on your feet, and you’re good to go. We’ll provide a boa and evening gloves for new joiners.

When you know you like the class, and you’re ready to ramp it up a bit, a gorgeous world of showgirl costumes awaits!

Beautiful corsets; glamorous heels; the kind of bras that are just made to be shown off; teeny little tutu skirts; cute baby doll outfits; hair fascinators; anything that glitters and glimmers…it’s all pressed into service as showgirl dance wear!

Combing the second hand shops and the internet for stuff that can be glammed up to wear at dance class is just another part of the fun.

Trust us – you can find clothes and accessories ANYWHERE that have real showgirl promise.

Charity shops are a treasure trove of little sparkly tops and corsets.

TKMaxx does great stockings; tights; bras and knickers.

corsets-uk.com do beautiful corsets for a really good price. The waist trainers won’t give you enough room to dance and breathe, but the fashion corsets work a treat and there are quite often offers available. Come to class and talk to us about the shapes that will work best for you!

Tights Please is a site with a fantastic range of glamorous tights and stockings. Some of them are very pricey but they often have good deals available.

Now, let's think about boas. Loads of places sell boas. What you need is a boa that is longer than your outstretched arms. You also need it to have a little bit of weight - the really flimsy ones don't cut it because they're too light to twirl properly.

The boas below offer the best balance we've found so far between getting a boa that works and being a really reasonable price. Best of all, although they do shed feathers, they last a lot better than some boas.













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